Introducing Rayqual lens adapters

We are pleased to be able to offer for sale adapters by the specialist Japanese adapter manufacturer Rayqual. Rayqual lens adapters are finely engineered high precision devices manufactured to tight tolerances MADE IN JAPAN, so rest assured that they will not compromise the high quality of your lenses or cameras.

To start things off we offer the new Rayqual Micro Four-Thirds adapter for Leica M lenses and Canon FD lenses. The adapter allows you to mount Leica M and Canon FD manual focus lenses on Micro 4/3 camera bodies such as the new Panasonic Lumix G1 digital camera.

Rayqual offers many more adapters so if you have a specific requirement, please contact us. For the current items on sale, please see here.

On the topic of using interesting lenses with the G1, what would you say if you could attach C-Mount lenses, used by 16mm movie cameras, on your G1? To be continued…

UPDATE: C-Mount adapter is available here.