Up and hanging

JRP Matsudo Show

It’s been over ten years that I have had any of my photos displayed in public and I have to say that it felt great to bring a creative process of taking, selecting and printing an image to an end by publicly displaying it.

This morning we prepared the venue for the show by arranging and hanging the photos. The venue is a Citizen’s Culture Center, a common thing in Japan, but hardly glamourous and which has probably has seen better days. Nonetheless, seeing one’s work hanging on a wall and doors opening to the public is an uplifting event. Please feel free to stop by if you are in this part of the world if you are within reach, please come by and have a look (Google map).

On Saturday afternoon, Goro Nakamura, a well known Japanese documentary photographer and one of JRP’s top level photographers will visit and assess everyone’s work, providing comments, which should be another highlight.