Face in the mirror

Taken at Uniqlo in Kashiwa using my “new” 24mm/2.8, inexpensively bought from a very friendly individual on Yahoo! Japan auctions (sent me the hood and a polarising filter with it; can a polariser be used on a digi? Suppose so. Realise more and more that the digicam behaves mostly like slide film). The guy said something along the lines of that this lens works great on film cameras, but a bit blurry on a DSLR. Not sure what he meant by that, so far I find it very crisp. It is also very compact making the camera and lens a small and nice package. Lens looks ancient thought (90s design and well used), but works well. I found myself using the low end of my 28-105 most of the time, i.e. for the more interesting pics, so why not go fixed lens altogether? And yes, the 24mm should make a nice length on a film camera as well… another time.