Digital Kissing

That’s what I will do next Satuday. Canon is running some sort of promotion where they invite families for a day in Ueno zoo and you can use the New Kiss digital SLR camera (aka 350D or Digital Rebel XT, depending on where you live) with a couple of lenses for the day. Yesterday we received a note that we have won this and I am pleased to mess around with a DSLR for a while without having to buy one.

Too bad I have sold or lent out most of my Canon lenses, as the stuff they provide are just the slow consumer zooms. But it is during the day, so it should be bright. The other thing is that they will print 10 prints only, for the rest you have to bring your own CF cards to take the pics home. I was expecting that you would get the images on CD at least, but that does not seem to be the case. I only have one 128MB card and two 32MB cards, but if I set it to smaller file sizes and compression, maybe I’m OK.

Let’s see how it goes with my first DSLR experience.