Local farm house

Local Japanese farmer's house

A farm house in Tsukushino, Abiko

I am slowly getting to grips with the view camera. Slowly. For now I divide my photos between static “conventional” shots like this one, and sometimes a little more daring attempts, which usually fail. Most recently this is mostly due to focussing errors, which is not too surprising because of the shallow depth of focus and the inability to verify correct focus immediately. With more technique and discipline, this should be resolved though.

Processing the film has improved tremendously, thanks to a little frame I have assembled myself to hold 8 sheets in place while processing them in a tray in the dark. I was wary about the working in complete darkness bit, but I have gotten used to it and see it now as some sort of meditation. I still have some stains on the negatives, maybe from fingerprints and there is an issue of dust (this photo here is completely unedited, just some curves applied). (Update: I could not resist cleaning it up a little bit more in the sky area).